Reflective Foil Insulation

For those looking for better insulation, Advanced Foil Systems (AFS) can assist you in selecting the right reflective foil insulation system to meet your needs and help reduce energy costs.

Basically we offer products for any consumer with a need to retard, or retain, heat anywhere, in any type of structure. This includes not just residential applications, but commercial and industrial as well.

AFS is an expert in commercial/industrial wood "panel" deck systems and stocks many of the insulation facings, vapor retarders and aluminum foil capsheets common to this type of wood roof construction.

Around the country, Advanced Foil Systems works on special projects such as:

  • insulating
  • log homes
  • saunas
  • airplane hangers
  • wine storage facilities
  • agricultural & livestock buildings
  • retrofitting existing metal buildings
For residential applications, reflective foil insulation products offer homeowners a solution to gaining more comfort and saving money on their utility bills.

Aluma-Foil radiant barriers can stop up to 97% of the radiant heat that hits its surface. Radiant heat is the primary contributor of the heat that is gained in your home. With the Aluma-Foil radiant barrier, consumers can reduce the amount of summer heat gain. As a result consumers lower their thermostat settings, thus saving them money and providing them more comfort in their home.

AFS continues to provide technical support to over 150 sub-contractors and material dealers, as well as over 500 architects and engineers. This technical support includes material specifications, samples, installation instructions and special requirements for installation of our products in assemblies incorporating different purlin systems such as "TJL", "TJI", Gangnail or Bar & Angle trusses.

AFS offers consumers helpful information on the technical information page located on this website. AFS provides products for small retail stores or large warehouses, typically over 100,000 square feet in size. You can purchase these products online through the AFS website.

If you need more detailed information you can also contact Advanced Foil Systems for more information.

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