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PIP (Protective Industrial Products Inc.) is a leading global supplier of hand protection and personal protective equipment (PPE) with over 5,000 products

Why PIP?

PIP is a major global PPE supplier that is dedicated to keeping workers safe, comfortable, and productive. PIP is driven to innovate and provide a best-in-class customer experience.

Driven to Provide the Highest Quality Products

PIP utilizes a global team of product managers, specialists, and quality control technicians to provide best-in-class, reliable, and high-quality safety products.

A Passion for Innovation

PIP is focused on being the first-to-market with innovative PPE solutions. PIP has a team of more than 100 employees dedicated to the development of cutting-edge safety products.

Keeping Workers Safe & Productive

PIP PPE products are manufactured to keep workers as safe, comfortable, and productive as possible, and its innovation is driven by providing better safety solutions for customers.

Global PPE Leader

PIP has grown quickly since its start in 1984, expanding its manufacturing internationally quickly. It now has locations in North and South America, Europe, and Asia and is a global leader in the PPE industry.

We Carry Top PIP Products

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Innovative PPE and Safety Products

PIP’s safety products keep workers safe, comfortable, and productive on the job site. PIP has a relentless focus on customer satisfaction and designs safety products and personal protective equipment that is used in a variety of industries including construction, welding, electrical work, and more. PIP is an industry leader in hand protection and PPE.

PIP provides innovative safety products, focused on hand protection and PPE. PIP’s products are used in a variety of workplace settings to help ensure employee safety and comfort.

Extensive Safety Product Portfolio

PIP manufactures safety solutions that are tailored to customer needs. Their exclusive product portfolio includes hand and arm protection, head protection, respiratory protection, hearing protection, protective clothing, and more. With over 5,000 products available, PIP is dedicated to improving worker safety on job sites all across the globe.

PPE for a Variety of Industries

PIP designs and manufactures safety equipment that can be used across a variety of industries worldwide. PIP works to create products that address customers’ challenges. With best-in-class support, training, and market expertise, PIP products keep workers safe, protected, and comfortable. PIP’s PPE products are used in industrial, construction, welding, electrical, retail, and other industries.

PIP Supplies Near You

For all your PPE needs, turn to Service Partners and Protective Industrial Products. Service Partners has over 75 branches throughout the United States that offer same day pickup and next day delivery of PIP products. Our local Service Partners branches can recommend the right PPE products to keep your workers safe on any job site.

PIP provides industry-leading PPE brands, top quality products, and best-in-class customer service while remaining committed to keeping workers safe, comfortable, and productive.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE refers to a variety of personal safety equipment designed to protect workers from external hazards. PPE can be worn to protect the head, eyes, ears, hands, feet and full body. It is also sometimes called “protective clothing” and “protective gear.” Service Partners carries PIP products including respiratory protection and other personal protective equipment.

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