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About Sky-Web II’s Fall Protection

Sky-Web II is a new and innovative passive restraint system built to save lives. It’s one of the most unique safety products available in today’s marketplace. 

What Is Sky-Web II?

Sky-Web II is an intricately designed “web” of knotted nylon mesh that offers fall protection to construction workers. The system works with any building setup, except skews, hips, and valleys. It comes with a deployment sled that slides easily on top of the secondary roof members. The mesh fans out as it moves across the building width. 

Sky-Web II Insulation Systems Work With Most Metal Roof Systems

Bay Insulation Systems proudly manufactures the Sky-Web II. Before the installation of the Sky-Web II system, the structural roof system has to be in place. Dupont’s #36 nylon Type 6-6 white braided twine is the cord that makes the mesh-to-mesh edge connections. The mesh has a double selvage to prevent it from unraveling, and the edge of the twine is color-coded for quick identification. 

Sky-Web II Supplies Near You

Sky-Web II will be in high demand and is made-to-order. You can purchase Sky-Web II by contacting your local Service Partners branch. Post-construction, the mesh remains as part of the roof system and provides a support structure for insulation materials. The product is white in color, which blends well with the majority of insulation facings, giving the product an attractive and almost invisible look.

Why Select Sky-Web II for Fall Protection?

You want the best fall protection for your workers possible, and as a passive restraint system, Sky-Web II is the solution. It is an innovative and sophisticated answer to falls at the edge of a roof.

Prioritize Safety and Efficiency with Sky-Web II

Sky-Web II’s mesh system allows workers to stand at the leading edge of the roof without restraints. Workers can move around safely and freely. In addition, Sky-Web II accelerates the erection process because it does not necessitate installing portable safety nets under the roof’s surface.  

Sky-Web II Reduces Injury

What could be more important for your workers than an advanced fall protection system? As a singular product, Sky-Web II delivers seamless protection against falls. Workers only fall a short distance before being caught by the mesh web. There is no jolt as there can be with a traditional tie-off system in which a lanyard halts a worker’s fall. 

Sky-Web II Is Easy to Install

The Sky-Web II system arrives on the job site complete with all hardware components and detailed instructions. Workers must attach the mesh web around the perimeter of the building with v-straps that are fastened to the secondary roof members with self-tapping screws. After construction is complete, the mesh becomes a permanent part of the roof structure and delivers support for the insulation materials.

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