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CertaSpray eliminates uncontrolled air leakage by expanding into every nook of a building envelope. This continuous barrier limits air movement into and out of the building, helps manage moisture, and improves indoor air quality. Watch this introductory video to learn more. Full transcript is below.

CertaSpray is available in open and closed cell versions - both of which are produced by mixing two basic chemical ingredients: Isocyanate also known as iso or “a,” and resin or polyol - usually referred to simply as resin or “b.”

CertaSpray insulation is formed by carefully mixing Isocyanate and resin. This process creates heat resulting in the formation of cells and the conversion of the mixed material from a liquid to a solid state as it's sprayed into wall cavities and other appropriate areas. The same equipment is used to apply both types of foam, and both require the same safety precautions.

CertaSpray virtually eliminates uncontrolled air leakage by expanding into every nook and cranny of the building envelope providing a continuous barrier that limits air movement into and out of the building. While both open and closed cells CertaSpray provide this air barrier, closed-cell delivers a higher r-value and acts as a structural element enhancing the strength of typical two by four walls. In addition to its superior air sealing and thermal performance, CertaSpray also helps manage moisture and contributes to improved indoor air quality.

In the following videos you'll learn about how to work safely with CertaSpray, how to store and handle the chemicals and equipment used to apply the product, helpful installation tips, and troubleshooting.


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more videos at youtube

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