Radiant Barrier Videos

Combat rising energy costs with the installation of a radiant barrier. This explainer video from Fi-Foil shows how the technology behind radiant barriers will help keep your home cool in the warmer months and warmer during the winter. The video transcript is below.

When it comes to maintaining the comfort level you desire in your home, as well as the cost of that comfort level, you need all the protection from the sun you can get, and a radiant barrier provides the most cost effective protection for your home. We get an excessive amount of solar radiation, which means higher cooling bills and reduced comfort. As the sun's rays strike the roof of a house, the surface temperatures increase sometimes reaching 160 to 190 degrees. The heat conducts through the roofing materials and is reradiated by the underside of the roof decking and trusses to the ceiling below.

To reduce this unwanted heat gain into the house, a layer of mass insulation is placed at the ceiling to resist the heat flow. However, the roof’s high radiation rate penetrates the surface of the insulation, lowering its performance. This heat eventually conducts through the ceiling. Radiation also reduces the efficiency of air conditioning systems by superheating ductwork located in the attic. This effect is then compounded by the fact that when the attic becomes superheated, it can actually continue to store this heat long after the sun has set.

Radiant barrier will also assist in reducing heat loss during colder periods. Fortunately, there is a strategy to deal with this problem. Stopping the heat at the roof before it can build up in the attic is a better solution and nothing accomplishes this better than a radiant heat barrier.

The most effective radiant barrier for residential construction is Fi-Foil Silver Shield. Silver Shield radiant barrier is the highest performing radiant barrier product and application. It significantly reduces attic temperatures in the summer months and keeps your attic warmer in the winter. It improves attic mounted HVAC duct and equipment performance by 50 percent. Silver Shield makes rooms facing attic spaces cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It helps homes qualify for Energy Star and energy code requirements and qualifies for credits under various green building certification programs.

Extensive studies from national research facilities indicate that attic radiant barriers are an inexpensive and effective way to save energy and money.

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