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Rigid Board Products

Service Partners stocks and distributes rigid board products from leading manufactures such as Hunter, Atlas, R-Max, Owens Corning and Dow.

 Applications: -Steel Construction
 -Below grade
 -Tilt wall insulation systems
 -Continuous applications
-Roofing http://

 Here are a few of the rigid board products we carry. You can also find msds sheets and technical data from the links below.

Thermax White Finish BoardDow - Thermax White Finish Board                                   Dow - Thermax Heavy Duty
Dow - Thermax Light Duty                                                Dow - Thermax Metal Building Board 
Dow - Thermax Sheathing                                                 Dow Polystrene Board - Square Edge Board 

 Atlas - ACI Foam II & AC Foam Supreme
 Hunter Panels - XCI
 Owens Corning - Polysytrene Board - Foamular
 Rmax - Multimax, Thermasheath, TXS8500, TXS8510


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