Blowing Wool

Blowing Wool Insulations

Service Partners prides itself in being known as one of the nation's largest distributor of residential fiberglass blowing wool. The company distributes a full line of fiberglass blowing wool products, all of which are manufactured by Owens Corning, CertainTeed, Johns Manville and Knauf throughout its nationwide network of distribution facilities. Blowing wool can be commonly referred to as loose fill insulation; it consists of fiberglass packed into bags, which are then blown into enclosed structures to provide an effective blanket of insulation for the building. Blowing wool is typically installed in open attic applications or enclosed sidewall or floor cavities using specialized blowing equipment. Fiberglass insulation is typically a less expensive option than cellulose type blowing wool insulation, is typically made from about 50% of recycled content, and it is often considered to be relatively easy to install. It's non-flammability and ability to effectively resist water damage make in an arguably very effective investment for potential buyers and users.

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