Why Suffer?

Why Suffer with an uncomfortable home because of high utility bills. Nobody likes to turn the thermostat up in their home when they are already uncomfortable, but more often than not, cost outweighs comfort. Heat gain by radiation is the biggest problem your home is faced with. (See chart below) Mass insulations only address two of the three mechanisms of heat transport. They are conduction and convection.

Mass insulation does little to stop heat gain, or loss, by radiation. As your home warms up during the day, the insulation can only store so much heat and then it is re-radiated into your home (summer time) or lost into your attic  (winter time). During warmer days you might even notice that it seems to stay warm in your home even into the cooler evening hours.

Remember, more insulation is not always the answer. In some cases, adding more  insulation, in an attic without proper or adequate ventilation and a properly sized air-conditioning system, could make your home even more unbearable. By adding more insulation, you now are storing more heat  to be re-radiated into your home.

AFTER Aluma-Foil
Finally there is a cost effective solution. By installing Aluma-FoilTM RadiantBarrier in your attic you can stop 95 - 97% of the radiant heat that strikes its surface. Aluma-FoilTM installed in your attic will dramatically reduce the heat gain into your home therefore enabling you to reduce your cooling load. A reduced cooling load can save you money on your utility bills, as well as, making you feel more comfortable. "Remember, wherever there is a need to retard or retain radiant heat, there is a need for Aluma-FoilTM." Installs easily with no special tools.
The Chart Below Shows Just How Much Radiation Your Home Is Faced With!

Very few homeowners realize that the majority of heat gain into your home is through your attic. Over 90% of the total heat gain into your attic is by the sun's radiation.

However, when you insulate your attic, you are only treating the heat gains by Conduction and Convection, less than 10% of the total.

By adding a Radiant Barrier over your attic insulation, you will dramatically reduce heat in your living areas, resulting in lower energy costs and adding to your personal comfort.
heat loss graph

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