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California Radiant Heat Barrier

An Attic Radiant Barrier provides an instant solution to reducing both high summer and winter cooling and heating energy costs. Attic Radiant Barriers can drastically reduce attic heat gain and, in doing so, allow you to feel more comfortable in your home. You can reduce summer heat gain, thru the attic, by as much as 30 percent, allowing your air conditioner to run less. The use of the Attic Radiant Barrier allows your home to cool quicker, in the cooler nighttime hours.

The use of an Attic Radiant Barrier in colder climates, where winter heat loss is the primary concern, provides excellent savings in heating costs while making your home more comfortable. Most of your normal attic heat loss is through the homes heating rising and passing through the attic insulation, toward the cooler roof. An Attic Radiant Barrier will reduce that heat loss..

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Whatever you call them, they all incorporate the use of at least one sheet of Aluminum Foil on one or two sides. The Aluminum Foil is normally laminated to a substrate material which may be paper or some type of plastic product. Regardless of the substrate, all Radiant Barriers perform the same as long as the foil faces in airspace of at least ¾ inches on one side. A Radiant Barrier will work in both directions of heat flow, facing the heat source it reflects 95 to 97 percent of all radiant heat striking its surface and, facing away from the heat source, it only emits three to five percent of the heat from the other side, such as in the winter. Only gold and silver work better.


As the popularity of Radiant Barriers grows throughout the U.S., states such as California and Florida have added these products to their state energy code. The California Energy Code (CEC) added Attic Radiant Barriers three years ago to its new residential construction mandatory requirements in ten of 16 climate zones, and the results have been excellent, with no negative problems ever reported to us.

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