Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

We here at AFS understand the need for a product to help those who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Aluma-Foil is a product designed to block out fumes and vapors from off gassing building materials and other such products. Made to meet today's rigorous performance standards, Aluma-Foil is a toxic barrier/vapor retarder that may help bring peace of mind to you and your family. We understand that living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is unpleasant, so let Aluma-Foil help make life a little better.


We carry the best product and information that will help you and your family feel comfortable and safe in your home. We have the best technicians and highest quality materials to get the job done right. We always provide timely service and technical assistance that exceeds industry standards in all aspects of your new construction or remodeling project.



Aluma-Foil is made of two layers of a 100% pure aluminum, laminated with a non-toxic adhesive, to both sides of a heavyweight , natural kraft paper. Aluma-Foil is a very durable product and yet about the same thickness as the cover of a phone book. BecauseAluma-Foil is a vapor retarder, it should be installed like any other vapor retarder ( consult manufacturer or contractor for further details) and all seams and penetrations should be taped ( we recommend Polyken 337 foil tape).

Aluma-Foil is available in two widths:

  1. 25.5" x 235.29 lineal feet (500 sq. ft. rolls)
  2. 51" x 117.65 lineal feet (500 sq. ft. rolls)

For further product information, please do not hesitate to contact a representative of AFS

Applications of Aluma-FoilTM

  1. Mass Insulation
  2. Aluma-FoilTM
  3. Flooring Material (Hardwood Etc.)
  4. Exterior Finish
Use Aluma-FoilTM as an underlyment to block vapors from offgasing building materials.
Application of Aluma-Foil diagram 1
  1. 2x Studs
  2. Mass Insulation
  3. Aluma-FoilTM
Application of Aluma-Foil diagram 2

These are just some of the uses for Aluma-Foil

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Ceiling
  • Multi-Purpose barrier
  • Shelf Linings
  • Underlayment for tile floors
  • Underlayment for wood floors
  • Crawl space lining
  • On top of carpet (Limited product lifespan)
  • Outbuildings (Storage sheds, Barns, etc.)
  • Recreational Vehicles

    Note: Consult with architect or builder concerning both building code 
    and proper building practices regarding installations.


Where else can I use Aluma-Foil?

You can use Aluma-Foil as an underlayment or in an exposed installation if necessary. It can be used virtually anywhere there is a need to block out toxic vapors from offgassing products, such as insulating materials polystyrene, polybutylene, polyethylene, particle board, plywood, OSB board, laminates, paint finishes, etc..

How do I know that this product will work?

As you know, the degree of chemical sensitivity varies from individual to individual. However, in over ten years and over one million sq. ft. sold, of both Insul-Foil and Aluma-Foil (Same-Product), we have yet to have a complaint or material returned for non-performance.

Is this a product I can install myself?

The answer is yes. Our Aluma-Foil product comes in very manageable size rolls but, when taking on a large job you might want to consider using a licensed contractor. When building a new home or remodeling, remember to have your architect specify AFSAluma-Foil.

Is this a durable product?

Aluma-Foil is very durable and is made with only high quality materials, but because it is made with aluminum foil it may wear rather quickly when used in high traffic areas.

Who says Aluma-Foil works ?

Mary Oetzel (Consultant) of Environmental Education and Health Services in Austin, Texas (512) 288-2369 Mary says; "Aluma-Foilis my first choice in vapor barrier for my clients. Its low toxicity and ability to seal off fumes and vapors are the primary benefits to chemically sensitive persons. Contractors value Aluma-Foil for its high performance and ease in handling. Aluma-Foil is used widely both in home renovation projects and in new home construction. I am grateful for this high quality product and for the excellent service AFS provides to my clients."

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