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aluma foil loaded with strength
Aluma-Foil HD Is Loaded With Strength Due To Its Fibers.
aluma-foil applied to osb
Aluma-Foil HD Applied To OSB Or Plywood Prior To Sheeting Roof.
aluma foil proper low end soffit venting
Aluma-Foil HD Applied To OSB. This Photo Represents Proper Low End Soffit Venting.
aluma foil applied to gable end walls
Aluma-Foil HD Applied To Gable End Walls. Notice The Gable Vents Are Installed As High As Possible In Order To Remove Warm Air More Effectively.
aluma foil installed to top chord
If Aluma-Foil Is Installed To The Top Chord, It Is Not Necessary To Cover Heating/Cooling Roof Deck Or Bottom Of Ducts. However, You Can Use Any Additional RB To Do So.

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