ASJ Warning

The Product:
A scrim reinforced facing product, typically known as an ASJ (All Service Jacket), is being specified by more than one major Architect in So. Calif., possibly Arizona and Nevada, as well as, being submitted as an alternate material for use in a finished roof assembly.

In large commercial/industrial ESFR (Early Suppression) sprinkled buildings, this product is being installed with the foil facing upward and the white kraft paper facing downward, toward the interior.


The Problems:
White kraft paper naturally discolors over time. Even though the white ASJ paper is stabilized, it will discolor. The degree and rate of discoloration will depend upon the building environment.

Factory Mutual does not approve using the kraft side of the facing towards the interior of an ESFR protected building.

The Answer:
According to Factory Mutual, the only facings approved for this type of roof system installation are those with aluminum on one or both sides (foil facing downward). A capsheet or a FSKF type product with foil on both sides are excellent. If you desire white it must be a painted product, no kraft paper or plastic films may be used (see FM Data Sheet 1-17).

Please note: Plastic films, with a Class ‘A’ flame spread, are an excellent choice when used in buildings that do not require Factory Mutual approval.

Notice: Advanced Foil Systems will not sell any Lamtec ASJ type facing for use in any exposed wood roof. We will not accept the liability that goes along with the rapid discoloration in what is typically an exposed finished roof assembly.

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