24oz Handi-Foam Gunfoam


24oz Handi-Foam Gunfoam

24oz Handi-Foam Gunfoam

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Product Description

Handi-FoamĀ® Polyurethane Gun Foam Sealant is a multiple purpose, one-component polyurethane foam. This product is dispensed through any of the professional one-component dispensing units specifically designed for dispensing Handi-Foam Polyurethane Gun Foam Sealants. Handi-Foam Polyurethane Gun Foam Sealant is engineered for a clean and metered application of one-component polyurethane foam. Handi-Foam Polyurethane Gun Foam is used for filling and sealing around gaps, beneath base plates, mud sills, corner joints, t-joints, exterior cracks, around utility panels, pipes, penetrations, etc. Dispensing units are specifically designed to dispense a controllable bead with minimum waste and easy cleaning for filling cracks, crevices, and smaller cavities on flat or irregular surfaces. The pre-pressurized, portable one-component foam system, applied in a bead form, expands and cures slowly over several hours to a semi-rigid, closed cell foam upon reaction with moisture, such as ambient humidity. Handi-Foam dries tack-free in approximately 5 minutes, is cuttable in one hour and fully cures within 24 hours depending on moisture and temperature conditions. Handi-Foam adheres to almost all building materials with the exception of surfaces such as polyethylene, Teflon, silicone, oils and greases mold release agents, and similar materials. 24oz.

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