Weatherization Tips and Information


Fall is here to stay for a couple months and it is time to start preparing for winter along with the changes in temperature. Making sure your home is winterized is vital for staying warm, comfortable and keeping your energy bill lower this winter. Here are a few tips that you can tell your customers that can make sure they enjoy the winter months inside their home without putting too much strain on their wallet.


Reverse the ceiling fan

Turn the switch the reverse the spin of the fan to clockwise on their fan while on the job. This will help circulate the pooled warm air near the ceiling back into the living areas.


Turn Down the Water Heater

Help your customers save a few extra dollars this winter by turning down their water heater. Make the adjustment from 140 degrees to 120 and it can reduce their water heating costs up to 10%.

Check the Thermostat

Every degree your customers lower their thermostat can save them 1-3% on energy. Let them know that help tip the next time you talk with them. They’ll appreciate it.

Use Caulk & Weather-stripping

Make sure your customers’ homes are air sealed with caulk & weather-stripping around windows & doors. Helping your customers close off unwanted leaks & drafts with caulk or weather-stripping can reduce energy consumption by up to 30% per year.