Product Highlight – Thermafiber Rain Barrier


Thermafiber Rain Barrier/Continuous Insulation products are designed for exceptional performance in rain screen and cavity wall construction applications.  Rain Barrier HD provide energy saving continuous insulation (ci), fire protection, and acoustical control while efficiently draining water from a wall cavity system. Rain Barrier products are non-combustible and compatible with common wall ties and air barrier systems.

A few characteristics:Backer Rod

Non-combustible, non-deteriorating, & inorganic
Repels and efficiently drains water
Heavy density rigid board
Conserves energy, reduces Greenhouse gas and carbon emissions
Fire resistant to temperatures above 2000º F (1,093º C)
Controls noise and sound
Available in dark and regular colored

For additional information on Thermafiber Rain Barrier, please contact your local Service Partners branch. You can find the Rain Barrier HD Data Sheet here.