Caulk To The Rescue

Caulk Many home owners have neglected maintenance on their homes and as a result certain elements of their house have deteriorated over time. Caulking is essential to helping your customers regain a strong hold on maintaining their home and one of your best weapons against unwanted holes or cavities in the structure. Look around inside and outside the structure for places that would benefit from caulk.


Before beginning to caulk remember that the surface should be clean and old caulk should be removed from the gap or crack. A dry clean surface is best suited for applying caulk. Also, remember that there are a variety of different caulks that can suite the type of job you’re undertaking. There are caulks made specifically for concrete, wood, brick, metal and glass. Each of these types of caulks are also made of different materials such as silicone, pure latex, polyurethane and other materials so make sure you choose the right caulk, it is important.


Caulk is an essential product that you can use to help your customers fully seal and weatherize their home. Be sure to have plenty of it while at your next job. You never know what you might need it for.