Repairs After Irene

100 ft extension cord

Hurricane Irene left a devastating path of destruction along the east coast this past weekend. High winds and lots of rain raked havoc on homes and buildings causing power outages and billions of dollars worth of damage. Fortunately, we carry a few supplies that can aide you in helping your customers get back on their feet and repair any damages that may have been caused by Irene. One thing we carry that’ll help you supply power over trees and other fallen debris is a 100 foot extension cord. A 100 foot extension cord is just what you need to supply power from a generator or distant outlet to make urgent repairs to a customer’s home.

We also carry staple guns in a variety of sizes to help you secure any lose insulation, roofing materials or wiring throughout the house that may have been loosened during the storm. Don’t forget, when doing repairs that we have wide range of caulks, sealants & foams that can also help repair efforts.