The Attic Accuvent Ventilation System


If you’re a contractor, it is likely that many of your customers are homeowners. Typically, if built correctly, their homes should have attic insulation best suited for their climate. Many of these homes will also have vented soffits to allow for air flow and improved circulation of air within the attic. One issue that arises from these vented soffits is the lack of a wind barrier between the soffit & insulation in the attic resulting in insulation displacement from its original setting. This can contribute to unwanted energy loss. Another dilemma that arises with soffits is that insulation may cover the soffit vent preventing air to pass through which could result in unwanted moisture condensing causing mold & mildew to form due to a lack of air flow.

The question is how do you encourage air flow without disrupting the placement of insulation? Simple, you can place an Accuvent Soffit Ventilation System between the soffit & insulation. Similar to a regular Baffle, Accuvents are easily installed with little effort. Normally, they only take six staples but more may be required depending on each individual house. You’ll need to staple them to the plate and then again to the roof under layer creating a curved shape demonstrated in the image. The Accuvent will block unwanted gusts of wind that would move insulation but also encourage airflow into the attic to circulate the air within to help prevent mold and mildew.