North America Insulation Manufacturers Association


NAIMA stands for North America Insulation Manufacturers Association and every contractor should at least be familiar with that organization. This organization publishes useful content on their website that can really help inform, educate and help you sell your service to your customers. In a previous post, we mentioned that the Department of Energy is a great resource that can be used. Expanding on that list of resources is Here you will find a variety of topics to increase your knowledge base of insulation.

Their literature library is packed with how to properly install different types of insulation, codes & standards as well various facts that have been release by the Department of Energy on R-values. You’ll find a plethora of information on insulation in their literature library.

The website also covers literature on health & safety of applying & installing various types of insulation. There is also a section specifically for incentives & rebates that you can use. When you need to look for industry links or valuable literature on insulation check out the NAIMA website at you’ll likely find what you’re looking for there.


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