Insulation Removal A Positive

Insulation Removal Vacuum

Insulation may need to be removed from a customer’s home on occasion. Insulation that has been within a living space over a long period of time could be a scenario in which you’ll need to remove and replace a homeowner’s insulation. Let’s face it, the insulation manufactured today is far better in quality & resisting heat transfer due to technology advances over the past 30 years. Replacing old insulation with modern made material can result in huge a difference in the reduction of energy consumption and keeping the home comfortable temperatures.


Insulation may have also encountered natural weather forces such as rain, fire or smoke that have made it unusable. Remember, fiberglass insulation will lose its r-value when wet but will eventually return to its original state after drying. With any insulation that has become wet and saturated from water damage for an extended period of time there will be an increase risk of mold. In the case of mold within the insulation it would be best to remove and replace.


Lastly, your customers may want to move insulation simply because they over insulated an area and need a portion of it removed. An example of this would be a do-it-yourself homeowner that has put too much insulation in the attic, covering the much needed soffits, reducing air flow.


In any of these scenarios you can use an Insulation Removal Vacuum to aide you in extracting unwanted or damaged insulation. These machines are best suited to remove insulation from sidewalls, crawlspaces and attics. They will inevitably help you get your job done faster and make your customers extremely happy with your ability to do the job in a correct and timely manner.