Insulation Checkpoints Part 2

Expanding on the previous post, here is a list that was provided by the NAIMA that highlights various insulation checkpoints for ceilings & floors.



1. Cantilevered Floors. These should be insulated at the floor R-value



2. Attic Openings. The attic opening should be insulated with insulated covers

or a piece of batt insulation at the same R-value as the attic requirements

and secured in place.


3. Attic Cards. A completed attic card may be placed near the attic opening

when blown insulation is installed.


4. Attic Rulers. When blown insulation is used, it is good practice to install

attic rulers, one for every 300 square feet of attic area. The installed

thickness of blown insulation should not be less than the minimum settled

thickness on the attic card.


5. Eave Baffles. Baffles should be installed on eaves with vents.


6. Knee Walls. Knee walls should be insulated at wall R-value requirements.

Insulation should be supported with an appropriately fire-rated backing

on the exterior side.