Insulating Attic Pull-Down Staircase Access

Attic Access Insulation

Insulating an attic access is just as important as making sure it is sealed properly. The big question is how do you go about insulating a pull down staircase? The answer is to construct a light weight movable wooden box that will rest on the entry frame on the attic side. You’ll just need move the box off to the side when entering the attic. The box should rest securely on the frame of the entryway and be roughly 9 inches deep. The length and width of the wooden box will be determined by the size of your entryway. It is recommended that you make and nail a cover for the box that the insulation will be fastened to.

However, it may be a better option to make a platform inside the box where the insulation can rest. This can be done by adding a cross brace within the box near the bottom. Ideally, you should use a type of foam board but a insulation batt will work just as well. Place the foam board or batt within the box or glue it down on top of the cover if you chose to go that route. Finally, you’ll need to make sure the joints of your box are sealed appropriately with weather-stripping or caulk. Once you’ve placed the insulation for the box and sealed the joints you’re all finished and have successfully insulated your customer’s attic pull down staircase entryway.


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