Install Gutter Guards This Fall

Gutter Guard

Fall is quickly approaching and now is the time to install gutter guards on your customer’s houses before it is too late. Over the next couple of months a majority of the United States will experience fall foliage and leaves will begin to fall. This can create a real mess for customers that own homes. Leaves, pine needles and other debris can cause serious problems to a gutter system if gutter guards are not in place.

Clogging. Without gutter guards, gutters will inevitable get clogged if a home is located near tress that shed its leaves. Clogged gutters result from a lack of regular cleaning and maintenance. Gutter guards help prevent gutters from getting clogged and will help keep them free-flowing at all times. If homeowners do not have gutter guards they will likely spend a few hours up and down a ladder in order to get their gutters clean of all the debris. This can be very time consuming and a real hassle.

Also, gutter guards can prevent sagging gutters. Sagging gutters results from unwanted debris applying excess weight to the gutter causing it to alter its original installation position. This can causes water to overflow one side of the gutter or miss the gutter completely if not fully adjacent to the house. Sagging gutters can be a real nuisance for home owners and could be prevented.

While gutter guards require more upfront cost, they can prevent clogged & sagging gutters while eliminating extra gutter maintenance for the homeowner.