About Performance Academy


In the insulation business, great teamwork starts with the fundamentals. Every member of your team from newly hired installers to the office staff should understand how insulation works and how to install it safely.


That’s why Service Partners now offers the Contractors’ Club Performance Academy, an online training series exclusively for Contractors’ Club members. The Performance Academy series, created in conjunction with Advanced Energy is an easy and affordable way to teach your employees best practices in fiberglass batt insulation, blown fiberglass insulation, and air sealing.


With clear diagrams, self-paced learning, bilingual voiceovers, and online testing training your team has never been easier. And it’s just fifty dollars per person for the introductory series. It’s the most affordable training option around. In about one hour an inexperienced installer can get his apprentice certification laying the foundation for a master certification for those who are already BPI certified.


The Performance Academy series provides the required continuing credits. Best of all you’ll know that every member of your team will be able to speak confidently to customers about insulation benefits and best practices. Try it for yourself sign up today on our site. Not a member of the Contractors Club? Membership is free and includes great benefits and valuable discounts.