Home Performance | Energy Audit

In any industry, especially in the home performance industry, it can be sometimes difficult to determine what lingo potential customers are using in relation to your products or services. One of the biggest misconceptions that contractors offering home efficiency & home performance services often make is marketing themselves as Home Performance Contractors. Within the industry between contractors & vendors the lingo has been the two keywords of “Home Performance”. However many homeowners, your potential customers, don’t refer to it that way. They are referring to what we call “Home Performance” as an ENERGY AUDIT. That’s right Energy Audit. The terminology isn’t exactly what you’d probably think they would be describing as “Home Performance” but it is. The average homeowner just has a different way of communicating it.

A great way to show this is by using Google Insights. By using Google Insights we can show the number of searches for specific words by users on the internet within the United States. The graph below shows that Energy Audit is the popular search term compared to the search term Home Performance Contractor since 2004.

Energy Audit = Blue Line

Home Performance = Redline

Search Term Comparsion


Here is another graph that may help you that shows where the highest volumes of searches for Energy Audit are taking place.Volume of Searches for Energy Audit

One of the best sayings in marketing is to Fish in the Ponds with Fish in them. When marketing your organization through various forms of media – print, traditional or online for Home Performance services be sure to use the term Energy Audit in your messaging. You’ll be glad you did.