Home Energy Saver

The Department of Energy has a variety of resources that are free to use to the public. One of these resources is the Home Energy Saver – Department of Energy. This is a great resource for contractors to use to show home-owners how much they could be saving on energy costs with various upgrades to their existing home. The following image is an example of the results that are returned from using the Home Energy Saver, click to enlarge.

Yearly Cost


This tool is great for giving home-owners an estimate on the dollars they could be saving with the upgrades that you can provide to their home. The Home Energy Saver can be very detailed in its input criteria, down to the number of light fixtures & types of light bulbs in your customer’s home. Simply, the more information you can input into the system the more accurate the estimates will be.

If you are a professional energy auditor, this tool already endorses your services after every estimate is calculated by letting the user know the importance of having a home energy audit. You can use this to provide energy saving estimates to your customers or refer them to the site for their own personal use. Either way, your customers will benefit and so will you when they make upgrades that save.