Energy Star Widget For Your Website

Energy Star Widget

Many of you are contractors & businesses owners. Today, it is vital to have a website to market your company. A vital part of marketing that website is the content that is placed on it to attract potential customers and retain those you’ve already serviced. A great way to provide your website visitors with useful information related to your industry is widgets. Widgets are snippets of code that are provided from a 3rd party in an effort to supply their useful information on other websites in a clear and concise format.

There are plenty of useful widgets out there to help fill your website with content such as for weather or time, but a good one to consider for your site is the Energy Star Tip of the Day. This widget will display an Energy Tip of the Day for 365 days of year. Once you embed it on your site it will automatically update itself.

You’ll be able to educate visitors on great energy saving ideas, entertain them while visiting your site and provide potential customers a good reason to come back to your website – the energy tip of the day. Don’t forget there are other useful widgets out there that can also help improve your websites content but a great place to start is with the Energy Star Widget. You can find it on the Energy Star Website with instructions on how to install and properly use.