Energy Codes | Insulation Distributors Blog

Contractors on a regular basis have to be informed & up to date on Energy Codes not only to be in compliance but also to help homeowners receive financial incentives for energy conservation. Energy Codes were brought to a national level overseen by the Department of Energy after the Energy Policy Act of 1992.

Today, Energy Codes are being upheld by the Department of Energy by delegating compliance by each state. Each state has its own energy code status set forth by the Department of Energy & can sometimes be difficult for contractors to find the necessary information to meet requirements.

You can find all the necessary information on Building Energy Codes at the Department of Energy’s website here. The Energy Codes program details all the state energy codes & allows contractors access to other valuable information. These resources, such as the RESCheck & ComCheck tools, allow contractors to search & find specific energy codes in their area.

Energy Codes can become a headache for contractors & homeowners but using the tools made available by the Department of Energy, Energy Code compliance can be made easy.