Duct Repair & Insulation

Flir i7 Thermal Imaging Camera

Winter is around the corner which gives you the great opportunity to save your customers money normally spent on unwanted energy costs due to low temperatures by some simple duct repair and insulation. First, check for air loss by using a Thermal Imaging Camera to detect temperature changes around the duct. Upon finding the source of the leak or leaks in the air duct, use a mastic sealant or foil tape on leakage areas to stop air loss. You’ll want to start with the ducts that are in the unconditioned places such as attic, basement, garage, etc. Continue to find as many leaks as you can in the ducts throughout the space and repair.


Now that you’ve finished repairing the duct work from any leakages you can start to insulate the duct. Use flexible or rigid fiberglass insulation to wrap the duct. This will help reduce any additional heat transfer that may be occurring. If the building structure is located in a climate where condensation is a problem, use a vapor barrier to limit the risk of moisture problems.