Cool Roofs Help Keep Homes Cool

Cool Roofs

Cool Roofs have been used for centuries. The ancient Greeks even implemented Cool Roofs to accommodate their perceived luxurious lifestyle. The Greeks learned quickly that if they painted their roofs white it would help divert heat, ultimately cooling their space. Cool roofs are designed to reflect more light and absorb less heat. Thus, stopping heat transfer and ultimately making the home cooler and comfortable.


They can be made from or encompass reflective tape, radiant barrier sheets or reflective shingles. The product being used to create the Cool Roof must be highly reflective and reduce the amount of heat transfer occurring. Hot & Desert climates will benefit the most from a Cool Roof but any moderate climate can see positive results from using one. Typically, dark colored roofs can reach over 150°F on a clear summer day. However, a cool roof under the same conditions could stay 50 degrees cooler resulting in a cooler home.


Be sure to inform your customers on some of these advantages of Cool roofs:

1.) Lower Energy Bill$ by decreasing air conditioning costs

2.) Increased comfort

3.) Increased life-span of roof


A Cool Roof is a great way to help lower your customer’s energy bills and keep their home a comfortable living space.


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