Contractors’ Club Performance Academy

Contractors Club - Performance Academy

The best part about the Performance Academy is that you can train your first two employees for FREE!!

The Contractors’ Club Performance Academy is an innovative training program that consists of online training modules providing contractors the ability to access insulation and air sealing certified training anytime, anywhere.

The Performance Academy is exclusively for Contractors’ Club Members only, but if you aren’t a member, sign up here, membership is free!

Once you request to become a Contractors’ Club member, you will then receive an email with your username and password for the Performance Academy.

To get to the Performance Academy, you must sign into the Contractors’ Club, then sign into the Performance Academy.

If you have any questions, please contact Kristen Groseclose at

Who We are | Service Partners

Interested in learning about Service Partners? Watch out company video or read below to see learn what our employees, and our customers have to say about us.


30 years ago all you needed to be an insulation contractor was a staple gun in a ladder. Today’s installers need the latest insulation products and installation and safety accessories, and they need it delivered fast. Service Partners is the leading nationwide distributor of quality insulation from brands like CertainTeed, JohnsManville, Knopf, Owens Corning, BASF, and Dow.


We have 75 locations nationwide and we work hard to deliver next day service. Because when we do our job fast you can get your job done faster.

We asked our team to give us their perspective on the company culture and mission of Service Partners and how that impacts the relationships we share with our customers. Here are some of the highlights.


“We are a bunch of strategically placed little businesses all over the country. So at the end of the day we you know we want to be the one stop shop for insulation contractors.” – Tim Bichlmeier, Sales Manager


“We cover everything from below grade foundation products, waterproofing products, all the way up to the roofline.” – Debra Constance, District Sales Manager.


“The other products may vary from accessories to insulation ceiling tile, roofing, gutters. I think the product mix is what makes us very successful.” – Roy Machado, Sales Manager


“It’s a people company. Yes we sell products, yes we move things around warehouses, but in the end it’s about relationships and it has been from the get-go.“ – Corey Doise, Controller


“I take what the relationships say that Service Partners has with its vendors. I take those relationships out to my customer base and potential customers. – Ken Martin, Outside Sales Rep


“I really think what you develop on a relationship basis is what brings people back to you.” – Leslie Ray, Inside Sales


“Relationships are real important for me because we help them grow and when they grow we grow. That’s what it’s about”. – Debra Constance, District Sales Manager.


“We have a lot of long-term, even 20-year relationships with some customers. We share what’s going on with their families, we share what’s going on with their business, and how we can help them grow their business.” – Wendy Kessler, Customer Care


“Whether our people are in the field or whether it’s a customer who calls in, we’re to offer the best service toward them. I just like being a smiling face there. I enjoy going to work every day.” Lisa Shipman, Telecom Administrator


“We’re the real deal. We don’t just say we service our customers, we do it every day.” – Roy Machado, Sales Manager


“Every morning at seven o’clock when that truck opens its doors Service Partners comes through for us, and they have exactly what you ordered. The name says it all – service. They’re there when they say they’re going be there. Good quality products, good people.” – Robert Vance, Customer


“You know it’s just at work that we both need each other and they’re there to back me up. That means a lot.” – Mike Layman, Customer


“Good people doing business with good people. That just seems to be my mantra and I believe that’s Service Partners’ mantra.” – Debra Constance, District Sales Manager.


“This is not just a job for me. I’m able to go out and bond with people that are really special and I appreciate that every day when I come to work.” – Roy Machado, Sales Manager


“We’re not just here just to make money, but we’re also here to be a help to our community, and to do what we can to make things better for someone else.“ -Lisa Shipman, Telecom Administrator


“I can’t wait to see what Service Partners has to offer in the future – for the company, the employees the customer.” – Leslie Ray, Inside Sales


“Pretty amazing how much friendships you have throughout the company and until you sit down and think about it your like – wow that’s pretty cool.” – Tim Bichlmeier, Sales Manager


“Are you honest in how you deal on a day-to-day basis individually and professionally? Yes. Do I see that at Service Partners all the time? Yes. It’s when you can go home at night and smile about the day, smile about the interactions you’ve had with a customer or a supplier that’s good.” Simon Kavanagh – Senior Vice President


Safety | Sky Web II

Fall Protection

Safety is a big priority in our industry as many contractors and business employees find themselves having to work in risky environments such as tall buildings. One way you can help keep you and your employee safe is to use the Sky Web II Fall Protection and Insulation Support System.


The Sky-Web-II® System is an innovative passive restraint system that protects workers from falls at the leading edge of a roof. It provides a “web” of knotted nylon mesh that is attached to the perimeter of the roof’s secondary structural members. This products leads to an increase in safety and reduces injury.


Be safe this year and look into using the Sky Web II Fall Protection System. You and you’re co-workers will be glad you did.


Sky Web II Brochure

Contractors’ Club Video

Welcome to the Service Partners Contractors Club. Your loyalty has earned you membership in this value-added, customer-focused club. We are excited about this new program it will bring you, our customer, more value to your business, while recognizing your commitment to Service Partners as your trusted supplier. From our informational webinars on industry related subjects that provide you with the latest information, to our training programs that help you maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace, every aspect of the Service Partners Contractors Club has been built with your success in line. For example, our solid vendor relationships are a key factor to your business development and we have numerous relationships with successful vendors to help grow your bottom line.


These programs work with discounts exclusively for you as a club member. Here are a few of those current relationships. Allpro Technology is a preferred partner of our Contractors Club. Allpro Insulator Software is a premium operational software that manages all aspects of your business software issues. Electric Gas Industry Association, or ECGI, is a national leading organization that provides business training and financing to help small businesses throughout the country. HomeAdvisor, formerly ServiceMagic, is a market leader in generating qualified leads for service businesses across the country based on location and specifically help you in the retrofit marketplace. Energy Circle Pro is a complete website and marketing platform designed for independent energy efficiency professionals. They offer professional website designed with numerous package options and extensive CMS platform training is always included.


In addition to marketing service providers, we’ve developed tried-and-true marketing tools for our club members, Tools that continue to pull in results. Custom door hangers, postcards, and leave behind cost effective methods that are used to great effect without breaking the bank.


Now a bit about our training programs: The Service Partners Contractors Club has developed a building science and Home Performance training program available to members at a substantial cost savings. BPI is the nation’s premier standards development and credentialing organization, or residential energy efficiency retrofit work. Your club membership offers training by BPI standards in both the analyst professional and envelope professional designations. As an authorized BPI test we also administer the certification exams for analysts and envelope professional certifications.


Be on the lookout for a new training project that is under way inside the Contractors Club. We are working with Advanced Energy out of Raleigh North Carolina to develop online training modules for best practices in fiberglass

batt insulation, blown fiberglass insulation, and air sealing. These trainings will be available in both English and Spanish versions and available directly on your office computer. They will include a certification exam after each session. These trainings will be available to all your staff at a minimal cost.


Sign up today to become a member of the Service Partners Contractors Club by visiting

Safety First

Recently, China has been in the news for its overwhelming large quantities of smog.  You’ve probably seen the various civilians on TV walking around with mask, bandanas and possibly make shift covers for their faces to help reduce the amount of pollution they are inhaling. In light of the recent events overseas, we’d thought it would be wise to remind our customers to first and foremost stay safe on the job when it comes to air born contaminants. We have a variety of safety equipment including respirators, half and full faced. The full faced respirators come with a supplied air system. If a respirator isn’t what you’re looking for, we also carry disposable dust masks that will help provide relief from common level household dust and pollen.


Need A Hard Hat?

Backer Rod

Need a hard hat? We got you covered! We carry the Omega II line of hard hats that are a lightweight design for all day comfort. These hats meet ANSI Z89, 1-1997, Type 1, Class C, E and G requirements. We carry both white and yellow at various Service Partners locations.

Also available are our headbands which incorporate the Dupont CoolMax comfort system that uses Perspiration Technology that wicks moisture away from skin and dries 3-4 times faster than regular cotton.

Announcing Service Partners Contractors’ Club!


Contractors' Club

As a valued customer, we are offering you the exciting opportunity to join the Service Partners Contractors’ Club. What is the Service Partners Contractors’ Club? This club offers special discounted services, educational webinars, marketing tools, networking opportunities, regional conferences and much more to qualified customers. Membership is 100% free for all qualified customers.

Service Partners is more than your trusted supplier of insulation and equipment. We also want to provide the education, support and sales tools customers need to help grow their business. We are committed to helping our customers expand and diversify their business. That is why we have created the Service Partners Contractors’ Club. We look forward to sharing all of the benefits of this new opportunity with our valued customers.

Please visit Service Partners Contractors’ Club for more information.

Prepare For Winter In Summer

Furnace Filter

Summer can give you a great opportunity to start making modifications to your customer’s homes & office buildings to prepare for winter. Starting early will only benefit your customers down the road when winter hits. One of the easiest things you can do to help them is by replacing their furnace filter.

Chances are they are not using it in the summer which gives you a prime opportunity to replace it and remove the old one from last year. Putting in a new furnace filter can only improve the air quality and it is one of those items that many home-owners forget to do before winter arrives.

You can pick up a furnace filter from our online store. The great news is that the furnace filter we provide is made for washing and reusing. Once installed, homeowners will only need to wash it to vastly improve their air quality.

Tennessee Chill Box Now Available

Tennessee Chill Box
Many insulation contractors in warmer climates face extremely high temperatures in the attics of homes when on the job. The Tennessee Chill box can supply fresh air for personal breathing protection when needed. This device can supply cool air, as much as 40 to 50 degrees lower than the ambient temperature, for two workers operating up to 100 feet from the unit. The Tennessee Chill Box increases comfort levels for workers operating in high temperatures by supplying cool air to them which can result in added safety & higher productivity.


You can view the Tennessee Chill Box brochure here.


Contact your local Service Partners Branch for further inquiries.

Respirators – A Life Saver

3m Respirator

Over this past weekend we were all reminded of the horrific events of 9/11/2001. Footage was shown again of the towers being hit with two planes and soon after crumbling to the ground. The unbelievable amount of dust & debris shown on videos that were taken blocks away from the collapse of the buildings was hard to believe. In a few of the videos that aired on various networks a majority of rescue personnel had some type of a respirator device on after the events that lead to a dusted New York skyline. However, many civilians did not have any equipment resulting in them using clothing to cover their face from clouds of dust that were engulfing the city streets.

Many of these civilians in a few short hours inhaled devastating amounts of airbourne materials which in turn could result in respiratory illness. Studies are still taking place on those civilians that were near the towers on 9/11 to determine the long term health effects of witnessing the event.

Contractors & employees can be regularly exposed to harmful airborne materials from various projects while on the job. Let the events from 9/11 remind you that airborne materials can be very harmful if you are not wearing the correct respirator equipment to protect yourself. We carry the 3M Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator that will protect you against a variety of gases, vapors and particulate hazards according to NIOSH approvals. You never know when you’ll need it on the job and you’ll be glad you had it available. Those emergency personnel were glad they did on 9/11/2001.


Service Partners insulation distributors has over 75 locations in North America ready to supply insulation and accessories to contractors and businesses.