Weekend Warrior Wannabes

It is that time of year again where the weather starts to turn warmer and homeowners start making plans to make improvements to their homes & landscapes.  Many homeowners are DIYers but a large number are not and will call on you to help them with their projects.   These weekend warrior wannabes don’t know a hammer from a nail and need all the help they can get from a prepared contractor like you.

Service Partners carries a variety of tools to help you on roofing jobs to building decks.  Your tools will likely take a beating over time but don’t worry; Service Partners’ branches keep extras on hand for when you need a replacement. We carry extension cords, hammer staplers, safety & fall protection, flexed knifes and many other accessories you’ll need on the job.

Be prepared for your customers and give your nearest Service Partners location a call to help you gather all the accessories you need for a busy summer.

Melting Snow = Need For Gutters.


Much of the eastern United States was recently hammered by a storm that left large amounts of ice and snow. If you are a homeowner, you may realize the need for gutters as that snow begins to melt. Early spring is near and is a great time to install gutters before April rain showers.


Service Partners supplies gutters and gutter parts to contractors across the country including downspouts, elbows, end caps, and spashblocks to name a few. To have a contractor in your area contact you about installing cutters use the Service Partners FIND A PRO tool and someone will contact you shortly. Below are links to the various gutter products we carry.

Prepare For Fall – Gutter Guards!

September, 22nd marked the beginning of fall for the northern hemisphere. In a few parts of the United States fall foliage has begun turning the leaves of trees different colors. Fall foliage is also a preview for what is ahead for many homeowners across our country. Homeowners will soon grab their ladders and gloves and begin cleaning clogged gutters that are filled with leaves and other debris.

Help your customers get ahead and recommend placing gutter guards on all their gutters within the next few weeks before leaves start to fall. As you may already know, gutter guards help protect gutters from accumulating unwanted leaves, sticks and debris. Service Partners carries a wide variety of gutter guards that can be applied to help prevent gutter clogging.

Gutter Guard

Fall Foliage – Protect The Gutters!

Door Sweep


You’ve probably started seeing pumpkins, candy corn and Halloween costumes hit stores in your area. If you haven’t, you will soon and that means fall is right around the corner. In many parts of the United States the change from warm to cooler weather results in fall foliage and a headache for many homers that have gutters. Gutters can get clogged with leaves, sticks and other debris in October & November. A way to combat fall foliage is with Gutter Guards. Service Partners has a variety of gutter guard options to help stop leaves from clogging gutters this fall.


Don’t let your customers get an unnecessary headache. Be proactive and recommend gutter guards, it’ll pay dividends down the road.


Rain Barrels!


Announcing our newest item to our product line

Rain Barrels

A Rain Barrel Stand (RBSTAND) is also available and elevates the barrel 11″ to allow for a watering can to be used.


Rain Barrel Stand



These rain barrels feature a flat back design to they sit flush against the wall. They come with a screen to keep out debris and insects and a threaded brass spigot. With a 50 gallon capacity this barrel will hold enough water for all your plants. They are 34″ tall and made of poly and resin.


Service Partners Donates Gutter Material To Historic Tavern.

Service Partners proudly participated in the restoration of the 200 year old historic Hanover Tavern located just outside of Richmond, Virginia. The gutter materials were supplied by Service Partners and will help aide in the weatherization efforts on the famous structure.


About Hanover Tavern


The Hanover Tavern first received its license from Hanover County Courthouse in 1733 making it one of the oldest Tavern’s in the United States. For almost two centuries the Tavern provided meals and lodging to those having business before the Hanover County courts. It has hosted such historic figures as George Washington, Patrick Henry, Lord Cornwallis, and the Marquis de Lafayette.


Service Partners is delighted to help keep a deep part of our country’s history intact by supplying the gutter materials needed to the contracting staff that restored the Hanover Tavern.


A few images of the project:



Gutter Materials Special!


Service Partners Gutter Supply is running a special this week on Aluminum Pop-In Outlets. You can get 10% of 2 3/8 aluminum pop outlets for orders delivered or picked up through Friday, May 18th.


Item # Packaging

OUT238POPIN 250 per box


Aluminum outlet that quickly and easily “pops” in the gutter.


Call 1-800-356-2149 to place your order today!

Gutter Guard Special!

Now through May 4th, 2012 you can receive 10% off various gutter guard products from Service Partners Gutter Supply, the leader in gutter materials. Help your customers stop debris and leaves from clogging their gutters! Just add our easy to install “drop in” gutter guard to keep them clean and flowing freely.

Gutter Guard


Item # Packaging

5″ GGDROP5-BX 4′ Section – 200′ per box

6″ GGDROP6-BX 4′ Section – 200′ per box

Aluminum economy gutter guard that goes under the shingles.


Call 1-800-356-2149 to place your gutter guard order today!

Gutter Hanger Special

This week only, April 23rd – 27th, Service Partners Gutter Supply is offering 10% off aluminum Gorilla hangers on orders delivered or picked up. For additional details and ordering information contact your local Service Partners Gutter Supply office or call 1-800-356-2149. Gutter Hanger