Contractors’ Club Performance Academy

Contractors Club - Performance Academy

The best part about the Performance Academy is that you can train your first two employees for FREE!

The Contractors’ Club Performance Academy is an innovative training program that consists of online training modules providing contractors the ability to access insulation and air sealing certified training anytime, anywhere.

The Performance Academy is exclusively for Contractors’ Club Members only, but if you aren’t a member, sign up here, membership is free!

Once you request to become a Contractors’ Club member, you will then receive an email with your username and password for the Performance Academy.

To get to the Performance Academy, you must sign into the Contractors’ Club, then sign into the Performance Academy.

If you have any questions, please contact Kristen Groseclose at

Weekend Warrior Wannabes

It is that time of year again where the weather starts to turn warmer and homeowners start making plans to make improvements to their homes & landscapes.  Many homeowners are DIYers but a large number are not and will call on you to help them with their projects.   These weekend warrior wannabes don’t know a hammer from a nail and need all the help they can get from a prepared contractor like you.

Service Partners carries a variety of tools to help you on roofing jobs to building decks.  Your tools will likely take a beating over time but don’t worry; Service Partners’ branches keep extras on hand for when you need a replacement. We carry extension cords, hammer staplers, safety & fall protection, flexed knifes and many other accessories you’ll need on the job.

Be prepared for your customers and give your nearest Service Partners location a call to help you gather all the accessories you need for a busy summer.

Chimney Flue | Cold Air



One place that many homeowners forget to check off their list during their weatherization overall is the flue for their fireplaces. When the fireplace is in use it serves its purpose but when it is dormant it can be a big source of cold air infiltration into their home in the winter.


One way to prevent air infiltration from the flue is installing glass doors around the fireplace. This will allow your customers the capability to close the doors when the fireplace is not in use and help prevent cold air from entering the house. Let your customers know that the flue can be a large source of air infiltration and actions need to be taken to stop it.

Weatherstripping To The Rescue

Cold weather rips through much of the United States this week as the nation feels the impact of what is being called a polar vortex.  With record setting low temperatures throughout the country it is an opportune time to remind your customers of the importance of weatherizing their home.    Offering them a home energy audit during these cold days is a great time to first hand evaluate a customer’s home.   If they happen to pass on a home energy audit be sure to offer them the quick solution of adding weather-stripping around windows and doors which are typically a large source of air infiltration.

Weather stripping

*photo courtesy of the Department of Energy.


Caulk To The Rescue

This time of year, homeowners start jumping into high gear to prepare their home for the cool of late fall and winter. Make sure you have extra tubes of caulk on hand to help seal any cracks or crevices around windows and doors. Remind your customers that a little caulking can go a long way to help improve energy bills and air infiltration. Caulking can help prevent moisture from settling in under trim and in through gaps helping to eliminate mold and even rot. Also, don’t forget to let them know that caulking can provide a seal against small insects or bugs.

A simple tube a caulk can be a big benefit that you can bring to your customers this fall. Be sure to have stock up as you’ll be sure to use it the next few months.


Weather-stripping can be a great asset for stopping air infiltration this winter. Keeping a good supply on hand will be  beneficial to you and your customers. Before installing weather-stripping it is important to detect air leaks throughout a home.

Here are a few places the Department of Energy recommends:
• Electrical outlets
• Switch plates
• Door and window frames
• Electrical and gas service entrances
• Baseboards
• Weather stripping around doors
• Fireplace dampers
• Attic hatches
• Wall- or window-mounted air conditioners.
• Cable TV and phone lines
• Where dryer vents pass through walls
• Vents and fans.

Service Partners supplies weather-stripping to contractors nationwide. We have all the weatherization products you need to help you air seal your customer’s home.