Flir T-Series Thermal Imaging Video

Are your thermal imaging services in high demand or hopefully headed that way? You might be using your camera several times a week. Maybe even daily in your building inspection energy auditing restoration or roofing business. If that’s the case, FLIR T-series B cameras are definitely going to help take the load off.


Available in four models and with resolution up to 640 by 480, these are the most ergonomic thermal imagers you’re going to find out there. One of the primary features that distinguish t-series from all other thermal cameras is its rotating optical block. It lets you point the lens up or down 120 degrees and still keep the display right and easy view. This makes it much more comfortable for inspecting high low and other tough angles.


Optional interchangeable lenses are another t-series advantage, and there’s a great selection of them to help fit the view you need – including excellent wide angle and telephoto optics for scanning large spaces and roofs. Auto focus is another way T series makes thermal inspections more efficient. Focus makes a dramatic difference when it comes to accurately measuring temperature and just a touch of this button is the fast way to get there, but you always have full control if you need it with the fine adjustment on the t420 and 440 or the focus ring on the t620 and 640.


Another FLIR innovation that brings out even more detail is the MSX or multispectral dynamic imaging. This is a whole new mode beyond picture-in-picture and thermal fusion. MSX enhances thermal images with visible spectrum definition captured by the built-in digital camera. It virtually etches those details into the thermal pictures in real time so you clearly see numbers labels and other identifiable things to help you locate where problems are.


Every t-series camera comes equipped with Wi-Fi communication to let you stream live video to your smartphone or to your tablet using our FLIR tools mobile app. It also gives you a remote control of camera functions like focus, level, and span, color palette choices and temperature measurement tools – pretty handy if you or someone else wants to monitor from a distance. You can import and analyze stored JPEGs with the app too while you’re still on the job site quickly create a professional report and share it by email to get a faster response for repairs. T-series also has Bluetooth that talks to Extech meter link tools. This is a very simple way to embed moisture level data right into your thermal images when you need to measure more than just temperature.


T-series bx cameras offer the broadest temperature ranges and sensitivity increases as you move up through the line of camera models. Extra sensitivity helps you see subtler temperature differences more clearly – important when you’re looking for traces of moisture and small air leaks for example. The touch screen on t-series cameras puts measurement and imaging tools right at your fingertips, and on the t440 and 640 you can even use it to sketch quick notes and drawings on IR and visual images. The t640 also has a viewfinder to help you see clearly even in the brightest outdoor conditions.


There are a lot of great features here to help you out – especially when you have a slate full of customers to take care of. If you’re looking for the highest image detail to put in reports that contractors insurance companies and your customers can rely on, and the most ergonomic way to capture those images, then you’ll find it in t-series cameras.