Chimney Flue | Cold Air



One place that many homeowners forget to check off their list during their weatherization overall is the flue for their fireplaces. When the fireplace is in use it serves its purpose but when it is dormant it can be a big source of cold air infiltration into their home in the winter.


One way to prevent air infiltration from the flue is installing glass doors around the fireplace. This will allow your customers the capability to close the doors when the fireplace is not in use and help prevent cold air from entering the house. Let your customers know that the flue can be a large source of air infiltration and actions need to be taken to stop it.

Go Green With Cellulose Insulation!


We carry cellulose insulation throughout the country.  We have numerous cellulose insulation products including a couple that we produce ourselves.

Contact your local Service Partners branch location or sales representive to learn more about our cellulose insulation products.

Cellulose Insulation






SmartShredz Cellulose Insulation



State of the Union | Energy Points

Pipe Insulation

Tonight President Obama will give his State of the Union address. If you are particularly interested in the energy points being made during the speech follow the Department of Energy on twitter as they will be live tweeting all the major energy segments.

Department of Energy Twitter handle:

If you have a specific question for the DOE feel free to tweet @energy using #SOTU.




Cold Weather Wake Up Call | Pipe Insulation

Pipe Insulation

Many of us are still feeling the effects of the extreme cold weather that has continuously ripped through the United States the last couple of weeks.  Many homeowners forget that these extreme cold temperatures can have a lasting impact on pipes.  As water freezes in pipes, it can lead to built up pressure eventually causing the pipe to burst.   A good way to help prevent water pipes from bursting during cold temperatures is to insulate them.Pipe insulation is easy to install and can go along way to helping prevent unwanted leaks under your house or in your basement.



Weatherstripping To The Rescue

Cold weather rips through much of the United States this week as the nation feels the impact of what is being called a polar vortex.  With record setting low temperatures throughout the country it is an opportune time to remind your customers of the importance of weatherizing their home.    Offering them a home energy audit during these cold days is a great time to first hand evaluate a customer’s home.   If they happen to pass on a home energy audit be sure to offer them the quick solution of adding weather-stripping around windows and doors which are typically a large source of air infiltration.

Weather stripping

*photo courtesy of the Department of Energy.