Weather-stripping can be a great asset for stopping air infiltration this winter. Keeping a good supply on hand will be  beneficial to you and your customers. Before installing weather-stripping it is important to detect air leaks throughout a home.

Here are a few places the Department of Energy recommends:
• Electrical outlets
• Switch plates
• Door and window frames
• Electrical and gas service entrances
• Baseboards
• Weather stripping around doors
• Fireplace dampers
• Attic hatches
• Wall- or window-mounted air conditioners.
• Cable TV and phone lines
• Where dryer vents pass through walls
• Vents and fans.

Service Partners supplies weather-stripping to contractors nationwide. We have all the weatherization products you need to help you air seal your customer’s home.

Prepare For Fall – Gutter Guards!

September, 22nd marked the beginning of fall for the northern hemisphere. In a few parts of the United States fall foliage has begun turning the leaves of trees different colors. Fall foliage is also a preview for what is ahead for many homeowners across our country. Homeowners will soon grab their ladders and gloves and begin cleaning clogged gutters that are filled with leaves and other debris.

Help your customers get ahead and recommend placing gutter guards on all their gutters within the next few weeks before leaves start to fall. As you may already know, gutter guards help protect gutters from accumulating unwanted leaves, sticks and debris. Service Partners carries a wide variety of gutter guards that can be applied to help prevent gutter clogging.

Gutter Guard

Water Conservation | World Water Week

This time every year, a week is chosen at the end of August or in the beginning of September that is recognized as World Water Week.  Also known as #wwweek throughout twitter and other social media sites. Every year, organizations & individuals across the globe come together at this “annual global event for concretely addressing the planet’s water issues and related concerns of international development”.  Currently, we are in the middle of World Water Week and wanted to highlight a few tips that you can pass on to your customers to help conserve water.
1.) Use low-flow shower heads. Service Partners carries a variety of low-flow shower heads that help reduce water consumption.

2.) Use Faucet Aerators – these little devices will help introduce air into the water flow giving the appearance of a full stream of water while actually reducing water consumption.

3.) Use dishwasher and washing machine only during full loads.

4.) Take shorter showers

5.) Check for water leaks on a regular basis to make sure piping is in good condition.


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