Benefits of BPI Certification

Many contractors and building professionals ask what are the benefits of becoming a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified contractor.    There are a number of good reasons to becoming BPI certified.

First, you obtain a certification from a reputable organization that can help boost your reputation to your customers.  Simply put, being certified looks good to your customers and has immense marketing potential.

Secondly, you’ll obtain a great education that you can apply to your work.  In turn, the quality of your work will improve which will result in happier customers.  Happier customers can lead to referrals for your business.

Lastly , recertification is available.  This allows you to hold onto your certification and get updated on the latest building science information and techniques.

If you’re not already BPI certified, you can obtain BPI Certification Here.

Importance of Soffit Vents With Chutes

Soffit vents are used in many homes to allow air into the attic.  This air is controlled and shouldn’t be confused with air leakage.  Controlled air flow into the attic allows a way to remove moisture and control temperature.    The challenge is to make sure that the insulation installed in the attic does not stop airflow.  The way to combat this is to install a vent chute that allows air to flow up and over the insulation.    Service Partners carries a variety of vents and baffles that you can install for your customers to help with airflow in the attic.

If you or your business is interested in learning more about building science consider taking our Building Performance Institute classes.


BPI Certification

Google+ Impacts Local

We highlighted the importance of submitting your business to Google Places.  The landscape is changing on the web and it is vital to have a Google+ profile to help boost your local listing to the top of the search results.  Google is putting more of a focus on promoting its own social network Google+.  Having a Google+ profile for your business can only help your local listings as well your business’ presence on the web.


Google Plus


Google will walk you through the Google+ Setup process here.    If you haven’t yet signed up for Google+  yet, you should do so soon.  The web is changing and you want to be ahead of the curve instead of chasing the pack.