Beat The Drought Early!

During the hot summer months, many of us will experience droughts throughout the country. You can help reduce the use of water for your customers by installing low-flow showerheads in showers or bathtubs. Be sure to select a showerhead that has a flow rate of no more than 2.5 gallons per minute at 80 psi for optimal water savings. Your customers will see water savings between 25% -50% by using an energy efficient showerhead.

You can also advise your customers to use faucet aerators throughout their home. Aerators are the screw on tip of the faucet that can be replaced to restrict the amount of water flow. Ideally, you’ll want to install an aerator that has a flow rate of 1.0 gpm for maximum water efficiency. However, anything lower than 1.75 gpm would be more efficient then what is typically used in new faucets directly off the shelf.

If your customers are using a well for water supply, these adjustments will have a significant impact on their water usage and allow them to save for future droughts. Customers that are accessing their local water utilities will see a decrease in their water usage bill and effectively be putting money back into their pocket. Don’t forget, the little things like a low flow showerhead and aerators can go a long way for your customers.

Service Partners is the nations largest insulation distributor of fiberglass insulation and accessories. We supply contractors & retailer businesses with fiberglass, spray foam, accessories and other building materials.

Accessories for Warmer Weather

It is that time of year again where the weather starts to turn warmer and homeowners start making plans to make improvements to their home & landscape. Many homeowners are DIYers but a large number are not and will call on you to help them with their projects this spring. These weekend warrior wannabes don’t know a hammer from a nail and need all the help they can get from a prepared contractor.

Service Partners carries a variety of tools to help you on roofing jobs to building decks. Your tools will likely take a beating over time but don’t worry, Service Partners has a large inventory on hand for when you need a replacement. We carry extension cords, hammer staplers, safety & fall protection, flexed blade knifes and many other accessories you’ll need on the job.

Be prepared for your customers and give your nearest Service Partners location a call to help you gather all the accessories you need for a busy spring & summer.

Attic Insulation Tip

The attic of a home for most of the United States can be a dreadful place to visit in the summer for homeowners. Depending on the geographical area, attics in the summer are stereotypically scorching and feel hotter than the Arizona desert. If the right measures are taken, attics don’t have to be extremely hot in the summer.

First, you’ll need to advise homeowners never to cover attic soffits with insulation. By covering the soffits with insulation, you’ll restrict the flow of air in the attic resulting in temperature increase.

Secondly, help your customers that are in an existing home to install baffles in the attic. Baffles or vent chutes allow for air to flow into and out of the attic as well prevent any insulation from covering the soffits.  Accuvent is a relatively new type of baffle that many contractors are using in attics because of its ability to not absorb moisture eliminating the threat of mold and its uncanny flexibility.

Lastly, an attic ventilation fan is essential to help control the heat within an attic during the summer months. An attic ventilation fan will push the hot air out of the attic and help bring the cooler air from outside in. This will help jumpstart airflow throughout the space and reduce the high temperatures.

Helping your customers reduce the temperature in their attic will result in lower energy bills, increased life of roofing materials and an overall increase their comfort in the home.