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We recently posted the importance of content on the web and how a blog can be a great way to start. If you are looking for a greater web presence, then you should consider signing up for the Contractors’ Club. The Service Partners Contractors’ Club has partnered with Energy Circle Pro to bring you, our customers, an opportunity to have a marketable website for your business.


Below are ten reasons to sign up for the Contractors’ Club and get started today building your website!
1. Low cost of entry and fast development – a complete website designed in less than a month
2. Choice of professional designs, customized for energy efficiency pros
3. Lead capture tools to qualify best prospects
4. Complete site control with a simple but powerful content management system
5. Optimized for search engines to drive inbound traffic to your site
6. Blogging functionality to enhance SEO
7. Assorted sidebar widgets for an interactive customer experience
8. Hosting at world class data centers
9. Ecommerce store option available
10. Extensive training and support


Club members can login to the Contractors’ Club website and click here if you are a member of the Contractors’ Club to get to Energy Circle Pro information. If you’d like to join the Contractor’s Club and are currently not a member, you can apply here, and don’t worry, the application is free of charge.


Service Partners is the largest insulation distributor and supplier of fiberglass insulation in the country. Our organization supplies all 50 states with more than 75 branches nationwide.

Product Highlight – Thermafiber Rain Barrier


Thermafiber Rain Barrier/Continuous Insulation products are designed for exceptional performance in rain screen and cavity wall construction applications.  Rain Barrier HD provide energy saving continuous insulation (ci), fire protection, and acoustical control while efficiently draining water from a wall cavity system. Rain Barrier products are non-combustible and compatible with common wall ties and air barrier systems.

A few characteristics:Backer Rod

Non-combustible, non-deteriorating, & inorganic
Repels and efficiently drains water
Heavy density rigid board
Conserves energy, reduces Greenhouse gas and carbon emissions
Fire resistant to temperatures above 2000º F (1,093º C)
Controls noise and sound
Available in dark and regular colored

For additional information on Thermafiber Rain Barrier, please contact your local Service Partners branch. You can find the Rain Barrier HD Data Sheet here.

Content Is King!

In today’s economical climate it is advantageous for your business to have a website. If your business doesn’t have a website, you should at least start a blog. You can start a blog for free at This site will walk you through every step to starting your blog.

Why a blog?

A blog is a great start to helping build your brand as an expert and trustworthy source in the industry. It will allow you to publish relevant content about your industry, business and own expertise on the web. Writing valuable and informative content is a great way to connect with your customers and promote your business. It will also help launch the start of your web presence to attract and retain more customers.

Marketing Tip:   Content is King on the web. The more unique and original content you can put on your blog, the better chance you have of being found on search engine sites such as Google and Bing.


Service Partners is the nation’s largest insulation distributor with over 75 branch locations across the United States.  We supply fiberglass insulation, spray foam, gutters and metal building insulation to businesses and contractors.