Need A Hard Hat?

Backer Rod

Need a hard hat? We got you covered! We carry the Omega II line of hard hats that are a lightweight design for all day comfort. These hats meet ANSI Z89, 1-1997, Type 1, Class C, E and G requirements. We carry both white and yellow at various Service Partners locations.

Also available are our headbands which incorporate the Dupont CoolMax comfort system that uses Perspiration Technology that wicks moisture away from skin and dries 3-4 times faster than regular cotton.

Backer Rod

Backer Rod

When dealing with large gaps within a home, consider using backer rod as filler before caulking. Backer rod provides a flexible but yet firm surface to apply caulking to. Another benefit of backer rod is its ability to repel water and help seal off air leaks.  It will also provide ideal joint design (two points of adhesion with less of the product applied in the middle of the joint) for caulking. Using backer rod will inevitably save you and your customers money, as it is less expensive then caulk. Next time, before you fill a gap with large amounts of caulk, consider backer rod.

Website Widgets!

Website widgets are a great way to add content to your site and help keep visitors coming back to your site. A great content widget that can help keep your site fresh is the Energy Savers Blog widget from the Department of Energy. This widget will stream any blog posts that the Department of Energy makes, and post them directly to your website.  Also, the Department of Energy has a variety of widgets that you can incorporate into your website to help keep it fresh and increase customer appeal.



EERE Widget

Energy Saving Tips

Check out these tips that can help homeowners save energy.   These are good talking points to discuss with your customers that could lead to additional work for you.


Energy Savers Tips


Service Partners is the largest insulation distributor in the United States. We supply fiberglass insulation to contractors and businesses nationwide.

Keep These Weatherization Items Handy

As winter sets in, homeowners are scrambling to add new insulation where needed and further weatherize their home. Here is a list of a few things to keep on hand that you’ll likely need on the job.
1.) Insulation Supports: -these wire supports are handy for installing roll and batt insulation.
2.) Insulation Netting: – alternative to wire supports. Great for wood sub floors and second story floors.
3.) Caulk and Sealants: caulk can be your best friend when weatherizing a building. Keep a few tubes on hand to seal off around doors and windows.

4.) Safety Respirator: protect yourself from air born contaminates when hanging insulation.
5.) Hard Hat: You never know when you’ll need one!
6.) First Aid Kit: Always prepare for the worst and try to be as safe as possible while working.


Service Partners is the largest insulation distributor in the United States with over 75 branch locations.

Knee Wall Attic Access Door Insulation Cover

Knee Wall

What is a Knee Wall? A Knee Wall can be defined as a short wall usually less than three feet in height. They are often found in homes with finished attics and built to connect to the sloping roof. The Knee Wall serves as a short, solid wall in the finished attic. Installing an Attic Access Door into the Knee Wall allows access to the space behind the Knee Wall. The space behind the knee wall makes a great storage area.

Air leakage from an un-insulated Knee Wall Attic Access Door can cause heat to transfer from the attic into the living quarters in the summer, and from the living quarters to the attic in the winter. In order to avoid this heat transfer, consider installing an Energy Shield II Attic Access Door Cover. It will help to reduce your heating and cooling costs by sealing off the opening in your Attic Access Door.

The Energy Shield II attaches to attic side of the Knee Wall Framework. It has a zippered opening in which you un-zip to gain access to the attic. It installs easily in minutes.

Service Partners has standard sizes available: 24” X 48” for a Knee Wall Door, and 24”x 80” for a Full Size Door.