Cellpak Premium Plus Insulation Combats Bugs!



As a contractor you’ve probably seen your fair share of bugs leave their mark on insulation. Critters can cause damage to insulation & create a reduction in the effectiveness of insulation. To combat the bug problem, Cellpak Supreme Plus cellulose insulation is treated with Zone Defense, an insecticide used to help prevent bug infiltration. Not only will this cellulose insulation keep bugs at bay, it will also help insulate your customer’s home and aide as a sound barrier. You can learn more about Cellpak’s Supreme Plus cellulose insulation here.





Saving Electricity

Yesterday we informed you that the DOE has released various diagrams to help customers learn about energy efficiency on different topics. We first showed you the basics and now we will get more in depth in different topical areas. Today, we will show you the diagram for saving electricity and the impact energy saving lighting can have on saving money. Remember, Service Partners is your source for energy efficient lighting. See diagram below from the DOE.


Energy Efficient Homes


Service Partners insulation distributors are dedicated to providing valuable information to our customers.

Energy Saving Diagrams

Keeping customers happy is essential to any business that wants to maximize profitability. Happy customers will keep coming back to you and your business for help as well spread the word of your good work which could lead to more business for you. A great way to put a smile on a customer’s face is to share valuable insight about saving energy. The Department of Energy recently released a few diagrams for homeowners to help explain the basics of energy savings and what steps they can take to save energy and money.  We have provided the first image below for you to share with your customers.


Energy Saving Diagram


Service Partners is dedicated to providing our customers with valuable information on insulation and energy saving.  We are the largest insulation distributor in North America with over 75 locations within the United States.