Service Partners is offering training options for BPI certification!

BPI Test Center

BPI is the nation’s premier standards development and credentialing organization for residential energy efficiency retrofit work. Service Partners offers certification by BPI standards in both the Analyst Professional and Envelope Professional designations. As an authorized BPI test center, we also administer the certification exams for Analyst and Envelope Professional certifications. You can learn more about all of the training options, as well as our schedule for 2013, by visiting our BPI Classes page.

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Replacing Old Insulation

October is a great month to add insulation in homes that need need increased energy savings and additional comfort. In most locations across the United States it is cold enough to work in the attic without a cooling machine such as the chill box. Depending on how old your customer’s insulation is, you may need to remove a portion of the old insulation to better insulate the area. Older insulation may not be as resistant to heat transfer as today’s insulation products due to technological advances in manufacturing. Also, older insulation has the potential to be contaminated by mold growth if there has ever been a water leak or unwanted critters in the attic. Replacing old insulation is the best case scenario. To remove insulation consider using an insulation removal system for loose-fill insulation. This system will help speed up the process and allow you move on to the primary job which is adding new insulation to the home.


Service Partners is the largest insulation distributor in the country with over 75 locations nationwide.  Our insulation supply locations are strategically located across the United States to better serve you, our customers.


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RESNET, Residential Energy Service Network, developed the Home Energy Rating System currently known as HERS to help individuals calculate home energy efficiency. HERS is a nationally recognized system for calculating a home’s energy efficiency. The lower the HERS score the more energy efficient a home. As a contractor you can use the HERS score to help educate customers the importance of energy efficiency and your services. You can learn more about the HERS system on the RESNET website.

Service Partners is a the largest insulation distributor in the United States. Our insulation distributors are spread out across the United States to better service our customers geographically. Service Partners headquarters is located in Glen Allen, Virginia.

Air Sealing For Winter

Fall is in full swing which means means it is time to start preparing for winter. Getting an early start for your customers will pay big dividends to them down the road. Stopping air leaks for your customers can be your low hanging fruit you can take down early.

When on the premises of your customer’s home, walk around the outside looking for any visual cues that air may be leaking. Typical exterior places to inspect for leaks are outside water spigots, where siding & chimneys meet as well as where the foundation and siding assemble.

Venture inside the home to further inspect for air leaks once the exterior inspection is complete. A common location that is a likely culprit is around electrical outlets. You can combat most air penetration around electric outlets with a simple outlet gasket.

Below is a small list from the DOE for common air leak locations inside a home. Also attached below is a great image highlighting the most likely places for air leaks.

• Electrical outlets
• Switch plates
• Door and window frames
• Electrical and gas service entrances
• Baseboards
Weather stripping around doors
Fireplace dampers
• Attic hatches
• Wall- or window-mounted air conditioners.
• Cable TV and phone lines
• Where dryer vents pass through walls
• Vents and fans.



Air Sealing A House


Service Partners is the largest insulation distributor in the United States.  We supply insulation & accessories to contractors & businesses throughout the country.