Service Partners Donates Gutter Material To Historic Tavern.

Service Partners proudly participated in the restoration of the 200 year old historic Hanover Tavern located just outside of Richmond, Virginia. The gutter materials were supplied by Service Partners and will help aide in the weatherization efforts on the famous structure.


About Hanover Tavern


The Hanover Tavern first received its license from Hanover County Courthouse in 1733 making it one of the oldest Tavern’s in the United States. For almost two centuries the Tavern provided meals and lodging to those having business before the Hanover County courts. It has hosted such historic figures as George Washington, Patrick Henry, Lord Cornwallis, and the Marquis de Lafayette.


Service Partners is delighted to help keep a deep part of our country’s history intact by supplying the gutter materials needed to the contracting staff that restored the Hanover Tavern.


A few images of the project:



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