Ways To Save

Doesn’t everyone need to save money? There are many things you can encourage your customers to do around their home to lower their energy costs. Here are some simple projects that you can recommend to get them on their way to having more money in their wallet.

Adding insulation is one of many ways to save. Knee wall attic access doors and attic stairs are often left un-insulated. Recommend to your customers that they insulate theirs. Another way to reduce heating and cooling bills is to make sure homeowners have adequate insulation in the attic. The attic is the easiest place to add insulation for a homeowner or contractor in most cases.

Let your customers know that insulating is a great start to helping reduce energy bills is not the only thing that can be done to stop heat loss and air infiltration. A drafty home is not only uncomfortable, but expensive as well. Ask yourself, does the home need weather stripping? Can you feel cold air coming in around doors and windows on a cold windy day? You may not have thought about it this way before, but if you have a ¼” gap at the bottom of a 3’ wide door, you have 9 square inches of open space. If you had a hole this size in an exterior wall, you would fix it right?

Check for places that need to be caulked. Look for gaps and holes around door and window frames, wall and roof vents, electrical boxes, plumbing fixtures and skylights. Look around outdoor faucets and where gas pipes and electrical lines enter the house. Check the joints where siding joins at corners and where it meets the roof and foundation or where it meets the fireplace chimney. Service Partners offers a wide selection of caulks to meet all of your needs.

Saving water will also save your customers money. Regular shower heads can be replaced with more efficient low-flow shower heads. They can also save by shortening the length of their showers and washing their clothes in cold water.

These are just a few things you can recommend to your customers to help them get started saving and reducing energy costs.

Gutter Materials Special!


Service Partners Gutter Supply is running a special this week on Aluminum Pop-In Outlets. You can get 10% of 2 3/8 aluminum pop outlets for orders delivered or picked up through Friday, May 18th.


Item # Packaging

OUT238POPIN 250 per box


Aluminum outlet that quickly and easily “pops” in the gutter.


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WALLTITE® Insulation Air Barrier Now Available!

Service Partners now carries Walltite BASF spray foam at specific locations. Walltite is a two-component closed-cell spray polyurethane foam system utilizing an EPA-approved, zero ozone-depleting blowing agent.

According to BASF’s website the WALLTITE® insulating air barrier system has the following specifics:


• Eliminates uncontrolled air leakage

• Improves occupant comfort, health and safety

• Improves indoor environmental quality

• Improves structural strength

• Reduces condensation, moisture and mold problems

• Conforms to any shape

• Is approved by the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) to meet the mandated air barrier requirements of the Commercial Energy Codes of Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Michigan

• Is installed only by ABAA approved applicators with third-party quality control inspection


Please contact your local Service Partners spray foam supplier for inquires regarding Walltite spray foam insulation. Locate your nearest Service Partners branch here.

Milwaukee Super Shear Foam Cutting Saw

Service Partners Supply, one of our west coast insulation distributors, is now supplying the Milwaukee Super Shear Foam Cutting Saw. This saw has a 1-1/8 inch stroke and will cut open & closed cell foam with great efficiency. The longer stroke allows you to cut at a slower rpm which will reduce vibration and overall fatigue without losing effectiveness.


Milwaukee Tool

The item number for this magnificent tool is: TLSM6519-31.


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Gutter Guard Special!

Now through May 4th, 2012 you can receive 10% off various gutter guard products from Service Partners Gutter Supply, the leader in gutter materials. Help your customers stop debris and leaves from clogging their gutters! Just add our easy to install “drop in” gutter guard to keep them clean and flowing freely.

Gutter Guard


Item # Packaging

5″ GGDROP5-BX 4′ Section – 200′ per box

6″ GGDROP6-BX 4′ Section – 200′ per box

Aluminum economy gutter guard that goes under the shingles.


Call 1-800-356-2149 to place your gutter guard order today!