Tennessee Chill Box Now Available

Tennessee Chill Box
Many insulation contractors in warmer climates face extremely high temperatures in the attics of homes when on the job. The Tennessee Chill box can supply fresh air for personal breathing protection when needed. This device can supply cool air, as much as 40 to 50 degrees lower than the ambient temperature, for two workers operating up to 100 feet from the unit. The Tennessee Chill Box increases comfort levels for workers operating in high temperatures by supplying cool air to them which can result in added safety & higher productivity.


You can view the Tennessee Chill Box brochure here.


Contact your local Service Partners Branch for further inquiries.

Earth Day & Cellulose Insulation!

Earth day is right around the corner. On April 22, 2012 the world will celebrate the earth and remind everyone of the importance of protecting the world we live on. There are many green products in the building industry today but cellulose is one insulation product that you can count on being “green”. Cellulose insulation is made predominately from recycled newspaper. That’s right, recycled newspaper. Next time you’re helping a homeowner decide on the type of insulation to use, jump on the Earth Day bandwagon and consider recommending cellulose insulation. Who knows, that may be the deciding factor in getting the job or not.


Be sure to check out the Service Partners cellulose insulation website and Happy Earth Day in advance!

Insul-Mart Now Carries TVM Foam Products

Insul-Mart, a Service Partners’ company, is now carrying TVM foam products in their warehouse. These products include fire block foam, gun foam, gap fill straw foam and even gun foam cleaner. There are a variety of foam products from TVM that contractors & businesses will find useful. Accourding to TMV’s website they are the “leading provider of Energy Saving and Building Sealing Solutions….TVM’s line of building products includes Reflective Insulation, Silicone and Specialty Sealants, Polyurethane Foams, Firestops and a wide range of Extruded Products to meet the building industry needs.”

If you’re a contractor or business in eastern Connecticut or Massachusetts looking for insulation gun foam products give Insul-Mart a call. You can find their two locations on their insulation company page.

Help Your Customers Help Themselves

The Department of Energy recently launched their mobile site for Energy Tips. This can be used to your advantage when talking with customers. Let them know about the website, which can be found at http://www.energysavers.gov/tips/, so they can access it through their mobile device. Giving your customers access to a valuable resource will increase your creditably as well jump start their ambition for more energy saving projects that you can assist them with.

Tytan Professional Foam Products

Knee Wall


Service Partners now sells TYTAN Professional foam products in conjunction with a variety of other high quality brands. We’ll be carrying wide range of TYTAN Professional PU products from 12oz straw foam to 24oz gun foam used for filling, insulating, and sealing around windows and doors.


If interested in purchasing TYTAN Products, please contact your local Service Partners branch location in your area. You can find that location through Our Companies section of our website.

TYTAN Professional products are manufactured by Selena Group. Selena Group is a holding company that operates 30 companies and is one of the three largest manufacturers of polyurethane foam in the world.