Johns Manville Redesigns Loose-fill Product

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Johns Manville Climate Pro® Formaldehyde-free™ Blow-in Loose-fill Fiber Glass Insulation has been redesigned to provide 23% higher coverage. The new higher coverage B7100 Climate Pro product replaces the existing B780 Climate Pro product. B7100 will be available in the United States in the beginning of April 2012.


The B7100 product has more weight per bag but the bag size and number of bags per truckload remains the same. As an added benefit, this new product can be installed faster. Johns Manville Climate Pro blow-in loose-fill fiber glass insulation can be a premium alternative to cellulose insulation.

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BIBS® is a proprietary insulation system that blows dry white fiberglass insulation into walls, floors, attics and cathedral ceilings. The BIBS® system makes a custom filling around wiring and fixtures, eliminating costly voids and air gaps. BIBS® is an industry leader in new construction as well as retro fit projects.

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