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Most likely, you are looking at this site with a desire to reduce your soaring energy costs. The installation of an Aluma-Foil attic radiant barrier will do just that. You can expect an immediate return on your investment. Not only will you reduce your energy costs, but you will add a noticeable feeling of comfort to your home. 

 In the summer, heat gain by solar radiation represents the bulk of the total heat in your attic area and, thus into your living space below. In the winter the majority of the radiant heat generated to keep you comfortable is lost through the ceiling, into your attic, towards the cooler outside air. 

No other energy savings product can do so much, for so little cost. 

AFS has been a leading supplier of insulation facings and radiant barriers for over 16 years

 Think Green! 

As a homeowner, you can personally help reduce harmful emissions into our atmosphere. You do this by reducing your need for products such as: electricity, gas, and oil.

The emissions from these products, either in their manufacturing stage, on in their end use, harm our planet daily!